Settlements that help the injured enjoy more secure lives

A focus on security

We're not your typical trust company helping one generation pass wealth to the next. At Assura Trust, we create financial products used to build comprehensive settlement solutions for the injured. Our goal is to help them, and their loved ones, receive the best resolutions possible, so they can live satisfying, secure lives—now and tomorrow.

Our special focus and expertise in this area can help reach a quicker, more satisfying outcome.

Better resolutions

All-cash settlements are often depleted too soon. A few years after resolution, many claimants wish they’d had more choices. Our trust products and funds, when used together in a structured settlement solution with cash as one component, can satisfy a comprehensive set of immediate and long-term needs. This gives recipients an unparalleled freedom and security to rebuild their lives confidently for the long-term.

Financial tools designed for smarter, more satisfying resolutions

A Uniquely Qualified Team of Trust & Settlement Professionals

At Assura Trust, we deliberately recruit professionals from the highest ranks of the trust and settlement planning professions. Our team is intimately familiar with both the technical and practical aspects of transitioning into a new life. We offer custom-tailored recommendations delivered with the compassion and dignity our special clients deserve.

Meet our Team

Christian Shumate


Dennis Drexler


Jan Smith


Toni Warbington


Reese Vinch


Colette McCulloch


Natalie Yasumine

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